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La Specola (2013)Loriel Beltran

La Specola (2013)
Loriel Beltran

There Is No Sea Innavigable, No Land Uninhabitable: Chapter III Southern Hemispheres (2013)
Bianca Salvo

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"And, at this very moment, there gleamed above his head, across a storm-rift, like a fatal lure within a deep abyss, a star or two.
Only too well he knew them for a trap. A man sees a few stars at the issue of a pit and climbs toward them, and then—never can he get down again but stays up there eternally, chewing the stars…
But such was his lust for light that he began to climb.”

Night Flight (1931)
Antoine de Saint-Exupery


—Get Away

Me and my guitar drowning down and down
Not even the pain kicks in
Tell me when the pain kicks in

Get Away (2011)